LFD amp, DAC?

I´m interested in buying a LFD zero 3 or 4 with harbeth speakers (thinking of p3esr or 30.1)

I know the amp doesn´t have a remote. Is it possible to use the dac as remote to change volume if I run this with streaming digital music?
If the dac has a volume control, in theory yes, but you would be using 2 pre-amps - the one in the dac plus the one in the LFD. You would have to preset the LFD volume, say at 50% and then play with the volume on the dac.

Not a very good idea sound wise, but it should work. Typically, you would set the volume on the dac to 100% or bypass it altogether.

The LFD from what I saw on the web is only a passive volume control in front of a power amp with input switching.

So just turn it up full or get a tech to take it out of circuit even better. Then just use the volume on the dac/cdp if it has one.

Cheers George
Okay, but is a downside soundwise to do that you mean?