LF Amp for Bi-Amping

What amp would have the best lowend for a biamp situation.Crown Comtech  Little monoblocksBryston 4BAdcom 565
Crown is great, I use 12K Behringers for all my bass duty now.. They will push 1 ohm, no problem, they will push a 2-4 ohm load to over 3500 watt per channel. 27 lb. adj gain, low pass filters and HD locking terminals.
BULLET PROOF.. I keep 3 here. I paid under 500.00 for 2 NEW, and one recon for 375.00. They have 3 fans I disconnect 2 and put one on a micro toggle. It works perfect for late night listening or if I want to blast.. I've only got it warm with NO fan.  Works perfect.. 

I also use a 2496 for all my bass management to.. Full blown DSP works perfect with the Behringer 12Ks. Everything else... Valve pre amps and valve amps for the monitors..  Swap the valve power amps in the summer months, to Nord Class D..

Adcoms are nice, but they will blow your bass drivers out.. the boards take a dump.. high VDC fries the VC..