Lexicon vs Bryston

Has anyone A/B the Lexicon MC8 and Bryston SP1.7 processors. I can pick either one for about the same price, so $$ is not an issue. Reviews seem to be mixed with overall Bryston superior for 2 channel while Lexicon shines on HT. Is this your experience? Don't really need all the video switching gear of the Lexicon and MULTICHANNEL MUSIC quality is most important. Any input would help, I'm sick of the sales hype from shops that only carry the one product; nobody seems to carry both for an unbiased opinion. My ears thank you.
Lexicon has been reviewed by many critics as having a disembodied (Hi-Fi'ish) sound. Although I haven't experienced the MC8 unit myself, I think that any component costing this much should have won over the majority of the reviewers.
On the other hand, Bryston has been well reviewed and offers a 20-year warranty.
The Lexicon MC8 has some advantages over the Bryston and Vice Versa.

The Lexicon is the movie buff/hometheatre gurus best processor. The MC8 has video switching built into it, along with a huge amount of control over every speaker. From freq rolloffs to cross over points. Its tweaker freindly and can be very well customized for any room environment. With this level of control and the quailty of build used by Lexicon this is the Ultimate processor under 10K CDN

MC8 is also a DIGITAL only device all signals are handled in the digital domain, so those looking for a great 2 CH representation may be disappointed.

The Bryston is suited for the guy that wants the best of both worlds and is willing to accept less control over the digital domain (5.1 Movies) to have a complete separate analog 2CH and multi channel section.

In other words the brsyton SP1.7 has a complete digital processor included in the same box as the BP 25 preamplifier from Bryston. So when listening to 2 channel audio from SACD to Turntable the SP1.7 handles all the information in the analog domain!!! Which is GREAT for the 2 Channel guy!

The SP1.7 does not have an internal video switcher, Bryston beleives that it is not possible to keep the audio perfect while mixing it in the same box as RF polluted video signals.

Extron makes an external device for them that is probably the best in the business outside of the one used in the MC12 by Lexicon.