Lexicon RV8 vs McIntosh MHT200: best for 2 chnl?

Have N803/HTM1/DS7 setup with Pioneer vsx49tx. Want to improve overall sound quality, especially in 2 channel. I'm also considering separates, but that's a "separates" discussion (pun intended). Between these two, what's your opinion regarding SQ? I don't care about HDMI, video switching (I go direct into tv) or any new codecs or whatever you call them. I just want great sound from redbook CDs, some SACD/DVDA, and good old DD and DTS movies. Appreciate any opinions to help me decide. Thanks...Jeff
Haven't heard the Lexicon but the Mac sounds great. I own a MHT100 with a MC252 for the fronts in my HT. I feel the MHT's are hidden gems in the HT & Mac world. Also the movies sound 'excellent' without any grit or harshness. You will not feel like turning down the volume if only except not to disturb your neighbors!

Also you will be pleased to know someday if you go seperates you will have "Real pre-outs" on the MHT200 same as their 2 channels pre's & not the usual you find on most receivers. Good luck!
I heard some concert DVDs in an HT system using the MHT200 and I was knocked out. It was the first multichannel experience I thought was great. The soundstage was most impressive! It actually felt like a space rather than sounds coming from all directions. Not to mention the Mc looks really beautiful. When I get around to having an HT room one day, I will get an MHT200 and be done with it.

Thanks guys. I'm still debating between separates and the Mac mht 200. Can't seem to pull the trigger (a little paralysis by analysis). Arthur, that's some progression you've gone through. I see that you also had the MA6500 in your system. What did you think of that unit. I came very close to buying a used one before I got crazy and began overanalysing this. I was going to run it sidecar to my HT system, probably via a Niles amp switcher, so I could have two systems in one. Curious what you thought of it? Thanks...Jeff
Hey Jeff - the MA6500 is a super nice integrated. It has lots of detail and out-paces the 6900 hands down. I even listened to a 6500 playing Avantgarde Duo horns and the sound was still excellent - surprisingly so since the other amps on hand were KSL Kondos... And it has incredible power and bass definition considering the modest power rating. Its only downside is a tiny bit of grain the treble. But depending on what speakers you have and what you are used to hearing, that may not be an issue.