Lexicon RV-8

Wondered if anyone had some comments on this receiver.. I loved my MC-12 and wanted to get some opinions on functionality differences and quality of the sftwe.

I also understand its unbalanced only..

I am also in the same boat as you. I have a MC12b paired with a Dreadnaught II, but am thinking of selling that combo off. I'd like to save some space, simplify things a bit, and also pocket a good amount of change in the process.
Lexicon makes great stuff and I doubt the RV-8 will be any exception. That said, 7K is a lot of money for a receiver. I have a B&K AVR507 (to save space/complexity) and I can't imagine the Lex being $4K better except in terms of music surround modes. BTW, I've owned a DC-2 and loved it.
I recently got a Lexicon RV-8 and have found it to be a super
performer for HT, I don't listen to music all that much. It replaced a Rotel 1098 and 2 Rotel Amps, which I really liked
but wanted to go back to the "receiver" world. I feel the Lexicon outperforms the Rotel combo with a cleaner more powerful presentation, and Logic 7 is a great HT addition. I
also feel the Lexicon RV-8 couldn't be 4K better than the B&K
unit, but it can bought for less than 5K which is a more realistic value. Good luck in your search, but don't believe
you would be unhappy with the Lexicon.