Lexicon RT-20 ... Interesting lack of information

Thanks to Pete for bring this player to my attention, because it is certainly NOT well documented.
Which leads me to a few questions about this player ...

#1- Why would a player that originally sold new for $5000 now sell new for $1000 ???

#2- If it was a truly great $5000 player that is now a virtual steal, why doesn't EVERYONE use it ???

#3- Does anyone find it interesting that none of the major magazine publications reviewed it ? ie; Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Hi Fi + ... ect ?

Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not being rude with these questions. This is just the questions that came to my mind after doing some research on this product.

Sure makes me wonder how this player would stack up against players like the Cambridge 840C and the Marantz 8001 .... Too bad there's no articles comparing them.
The Absolute Sound rates it an A in its recent recommended Components issue.
Lack of info is indifferent. Many products aren't covered. Look here for the usual boring review of the Lexicon.
You are being sarcastic suggesting that there is little info about this product because it ain't worth writing about; fact supported by its heavy loss in resale value; furthermore by the fact that even at its present low asking price, people aren't killing each other to purchase samples; so bad, in fact, that none of the prestigious publications wished to waste time reviewing it...


OTOH you could have just said that, IYO, it's a player with proven zero value and most probably an excremental performer to boot. Regards
Gregm : I wasn't being sarcastic or snide. I just honestly wondered about the answers to the questions I posted. It just seemed a little odd to me, and I wanted to fish for some more info before I purchase one.

Psacanli : I was not aware of this ... thanks.
Lexicon is planning/releasing a blu-ray player next year.A few dealers dumped these units cheaply.
I have heard this unit at a friends' home and highly recommend it.In fact I told another friend and he also bought one.For $900+,it is a solid performer with very good CD sound and the same on DVDs.It still won't play blu-ray,but a lot of machine for the money.
For $900+,it is a solid performer with very good CD sound and the same on DVDs
My opinion too.
HOWEVER, you will be buying another player in ¬2yrs time cause, no b-ray.
I sure do appreciate evryone's input and advice. I spent another day searching the web, and found an additional couple of reviews on the RT-20. It seems this is what I'll be buying. I'll just get a cheap Blu Ray player later if I feel the need.
Tim, if you like it 1/2 as much as I'm enjoying mine you'll
be very pleased. Recently I started using a a CD treatment
after reading comments by Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound. Previously I simply cleaned the CD & thought that was enough. I find his comment were spot on regarding Ultrabit Platinum and the RT-20 certainly makes the improvements very obvious. Good luck. Pete