Lexicon RT-20 for SACD

Interested in exploring SACD. Is the SACD performance of my Lexicon RT-20, which I use as a DVD player, good enough for a legitimate exploration? For comparison, my CDP is an Audio Research CD5. Thanks.
In my opinion yes. Lots of dissing of the RT-20 on this site, and yet there are several European reviews that describe it as a top performer. I had an RT-20 in my system for a short time and was very pleased with it. I went to a much pricier UDP for awhile and thought it only marginally better than the RT-20.
I wonder why there is lots of dissing on the RT-20 here ? I owned this player and used it primarily as a redbook CD player. It easily hung with ANY CD player I have ever owned, and in my 26 years in the hobby, I owned quite a few of the very best players ... some well over 10 grand.

Dissing on the RT-20 just makes NO sense.
I have been very happy with the RT-20 as a CD and DVD player, and had forgotten it did SACD. Certainly sounds worth a try. Thanks.