Lexicon Rt-20 disc read problem. PS upgrade?Caps

Reads 'no play' on DVD and SACD discs. Problem started suddenly. It's had problems with some CD's for the last few months-just not reading the disc and showing zero's on the display.
I'm thinking to send it to a factory authorized repair shop.
Lexicon lists 4:
1. George Meyer A/V in L.A.
2.Pyramid Audio in Austin, Texas
3.Technetron, N.Y.
4.United Radio, Syracuse, NY
How do I choose as I'm shipping from Canada. Is it possible to improve power supply by upgrading caps; or more?
Took it to a local electronics shop authorized for numerous manufacturers. Needed a new motor. About $300 and good as new again.
Thanks! for sharing Ptss. Give a shout-out to your local electronics shop. Both George Meyer & Pyramid Audio have excellent reputations. I do not know anything about Technetron nor United Radio though. Happy Listening.