Lexicon RT-20 as CD Transport

I believe I am about to reacquire my old RT-20 and was wondering how it rates as a redbook cd transport, feeding a Simaudio 300D V2 DAC ? Also as a SACD player? I am familiar with it as a CDP. Thanks
Just hooked it up in a small room, reconfigured system, and it sounds great...
Hi Jl. I use the RT-20 for everything and find it excellent.
I found isolation and conditioning for it's ac power made an incredible improvement for plain CD sound, much of my listening. Never bothered to take out my conditioning and check for any video benefit.
I have a 'very' late model Panasonic Plasma, I think 52" and the upscaling of DVD's through HDMI from the RT20 is as good as the upscaling in a nearly new Sony Blu Ray player-- and it allows me to listen through my sound system :) Do use any isolation for ac power?
Thanks Ptss, Yes I am using a Transparent Premium power cord into a BPT power conditioner. So far it sounds great, though I had no point of comparison as it is in a new system...
What conditioning do you use?
I have heard the original RT-10 in an all Classe' B&W, Transparent cabling system. Richard Gray Power Company
conditioning. very sweet sounds indeed.

I use a Richard Gray 400 pro and for its price it cannot be bettered. Grab one use/demo for about $400-

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Within my system is an Equitech, Sound Application and MIT Oracle p/c's. Arrived at by experimenting over time. My digital is quite thoroughly isolated from the analog.
Very nice guys. Depending upon where you all reside, power conditioning can be a major factor. Where I live, deep South, our power is very clean, so pc is not too important.
Another remedy, have a dedicated 20A power line or two installed into your home.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!