Lexicon NT 512 / Bryston 9B THX

Hi All,
I know many years ago was a joint venture between Lex/Brys, Bryston made amplifier line NT*** for Lexicon. And I would like to know what is exactly equivalence of lexicon NT512 to Bryston 9B, 9B THX or 9B ST.

My friend told me “Lexicon NT512 is the Bryston 9B THX. And he believes the Lexicon rebadges were before their ST series”. Is that true?

Thanks Guys
From what I understand this is true. They appeared before the ST series came out and Bryston built the amps for Lexicon, though I think they are MBR series though.
I own a 512 and yes it is a re badged Bryston 9B. The only thing to watch out for is after a few years the RCA connectors will start blowing fuses in the amp. The only thing you can do is send in each amp channel to Bryston and pay 200$ to get better connectors installed on each amp channel. I have owned my amp for 5 years now and have had to have every channel repaired.

Since Bryston does not honor the 20 year warranty for the Lexicon models you have to pay out of pocket.
The Lexicon NT 512 is indeed a Bryston 9BST. The lex is also THX certified. My lex 512 has never had the RCA connector problem that Swanlee is referring to. The thing has been a tank since day 1.
Years of service from my Lexicon NT 512, bought as a demo with only one channel needing repair, years ago. Now a second has failed. There was a mod to the first and I declined to pay to mod the working units. Perhaps the connector was it; the paperwork was aspecific.
The last repair was $200, but now, two revisions on, it's $120. Mike, at Bryston seems as knowledgeable as he is helpful and he comes to the PHONE!
I have had 3 channels fixed(1 2x). Now I need 3 more fixed. Is it worth it?
I am having a problem with the left rear channel. I would jiggle the RCA cable and sometimes it would come on, sometimes not. Sometimes the channel would start off not working and then come on without me doing anything. I would power down when finished listening. Next time, I would power up and it would not work.