Lexicon MC8 vs Bryston SP1.7 pre amp

I am upgrading my home theater system and have come to a cross road for the pre amp. I like the Lexicon MC8 for its home theater applications, but favour the Bryston for its 2 channel pass through. My system is Bryston 4BST & 6BST amps with Martin Logan Aries front, Martin Logan Logos centre & Sony HDTV LCD projector (may add the ML Prodigy & send the Aries to the rear). This system is in my living room/kitchen and is my main stereo and home theater, so the 2 channel application is important to me. Does anyone have an opion on the Lexicon MC8 vs the Bryston SP1.7?
Hello Randy,Having own the Lexicon MC8 and Bryston SP1.7 with bryston amplification.The bryston is very good with 2 channel audio,but in surround processing falls short.
The lexicon is excellent for surround processing and bright and edgy for 2 channel audio.
The Krell HTS 7.1 betters both of these units by a far margin,and works very well with bryston amplifiers.
Any of these units could be found on the used market for very attractive prices.Good luck in your search.
I dont think Lexicon is well regarded for its 2 channel capabilities. I know thats an assumption but it seems to be the consensus.

I auditioned thoroughly for my pre/pro, it had to do 2 channel well. I compared many Processors in the $4000.00 or less range (new) and my choice was the Bryston.

As far as 2 channel, I havent heard a Processor, at any price, that was better. I did feel there were some that were equal but not better. Of course, "better" is subjective.

I would have agreed with Joe at first, about multi-channel that is. However, I let the unit obtain some hours playing multi-channel music and DD/DTS, it opened up quite a bit. Then I added a decent power cord (Synergistic Research AC master) and it really bloomed. I could not be happier with this piece.

Bryston is hugely popular with the movie industry and many DD/DTS soundtracks are QC'ed using them, that in and of itself, speaks volumes. Nonetheless, I would recommend auditions if you can. If the dealer will let you bring it home, or return it if you dont like it, then that is the best possible way to ascertain which one suits you best.
I haven't heard the MC8, but own the MC12. The MC12 has six-channel analog pass=thru. I use my system for both HT and 2-channel music extensively. I find the MC12 to be a stellar performer in both cases. I owned the DC-1 and the MC-1 prior to the MC-12. There were things that those both did well and things they both lacked. The MC12 I find superb, and haven't given 2 seconds worth of thought to upgrading since it was put in my system. I read the comments all the time about the Lex's not doing well on music - I haven't found that to be the case, tho I haven't spent a ton of time bringing in other units to a/b with it. -Kirk
Try McIntosh MX 132(134) with the Bryston. Works well together in my system with Aeris I Speakers.
EAD Theatermaster 8800pro. I just selected this over the MC8 and the SP1.7 after lots of careful research.