lexicon mc12b vs.pass labs x1

im considering buying the x1 or x2.5.would these preamps blow the lexicon away for two channel listening and how well do you feel they will mate with the sim audio w-6monoblocs.speakers are selah audio custom line arrays.how much better is the x1 then x205. any input would be appreciated.
I have actually owned the X1 and the lexicon and the answer is YES it will blow away the lexicon for 2 channel stereo listening.

There are problems though incorporatiing Pass Labs products due to the remote is not macro friendly. Only ups downs lefts rights and its a pain so I sold my X1 a few weeks after buying it. But the sound was great

I have a Lex 12B. When I moved into my now house 5 years ago my 2 ch source was a Wadia 860. I tried using the dacs/pre function from the 12B but the Wadia was clearly better. The Wadia drove Pass Aleph 2s.

Got back into LPs a couple years ago and now use an AR Ref 2MkII. If you are looking for the best 2 chanel performance you have to get a good 2 ch preamp IMO. No doubt in my mind, the Pass pre/s would be a clear step up for 2 ch.