lexicon mc-8 or krell hts 7.1??

i'm having a hard time deciding whether to sell my lexicon mc-8 and replace it with a krell hts 7.1. i don't have both on hand to compare. i have 7 channels of krell power to play with and i figured the hts 7.1 would match my amps and would look nice.i listen to a lot of 2ch audio but also like to watch movies. any input would be greatly appreciated.
For what it is worth, I was a lexicon user and switched to krell primarily for music. I think lexicon is fine in ht only, but imho clearly inferior for two ch. I use Krell amps and revel studios and love the hts 7.1. I also think that Harmon's high end group is in complete disarray right now, unfortunately.
Yeah I think the 7.1 Krell is supperior sonically. Infact, I think the 7.1 krell is as good as it get's for what's out there in Pre-pro's
I have a HTS 7.1. It replaced an Anthem AVM-20. I should say it absolutely blew away the AVM-20! For as much hype as the Anthem gets...and the criticism the Krell gets, you really need to hear the two back-to-back to fully understand how much sound and depth is missing from the AVM-20.

Having said all that, now I have a chance at a MC-12B to possibly replace my HTS 7.1 without too much strain on my wallet. I am sick in the head…I am certain of that now…but I am still agonizing over this decision.

It would be nice to have the MC-12B just under my RT-10 for both music and movies (equal priorities).

Any suggestions anyone?
My $0.02 worth,

You should decide if you want standard decoding of 5.1 sources to 5.1 output and 6.1 sources to 6.1 output, as well as listening to 2.0 sources in 2.0 output, versus having the option to perform surround processing to listen to any source in "quality" 7.1 output.

The former is a multi-channel pre-amp with "standard" decoding of DD, DTS, etc. The latter is a surround processor and Logic 7 in the Lexicon is a an example.

The Krell web page says the HTS 7.1 has DPLII, but not DPLIIx, so it cannot use a DPL approach to derive 7.1 output from 2.0 input. Krell talks about music surround enhancement modes, but I don't know anything about those.

The Krell does not have THX Ultra II, or equivalent, so it does not appear to be able to derive 7.1 output from a 5.1 source. Based on this, I would classify the HTS 7.1 more as a multi-channel pre-amp than a surround processor.

For me personally, I found 7.1, when implemented with a good algorithm like Logic 7, far superior to 5.1/2.0. You may have different preferences. I recommend listening to the Lexicon in a properly set up 7.1 system.