lexicon mc-12 balanced or unblanced

Looking to purchase an MC-12 I wondered if any one had experince with the unbalanced version I myself have always tried to go with balanced but it seems in this case it seems to limit my market on the MC-12's Thanks
Have a balanced MC12 its a great machine - may sell it for the right price

Good Listening

what version is it and what price are you thinking are you the original owner
Its a MC12 V2.00 - Make me a reasonable offer ( I have remote and Manual for it but no box, but will be packaged securely if we make a deal ) - and no I'm not I'm its 5th "owner" which leads to to this question. Why does # of owners matter ? others please chime in as well - I'd be more interested in if the MC12 functions properly (which it does) any noticeable dings or scratches (none) Do you have the manual and the Remote (yes) and then price.

"Owners" listed in order



First real User

Dealer again

Then me as part of a trade deal, out of this list of owners only the 3rd listed put some mileage on this thing,

As always, Good listening

what you are saying makes sense i guess the only justification to one owner would be only the fact that it has not physically moved around so there is less potential for cosmetic issues. as far as an offer I have been watching the going prices mostly on ebay One sold for $1000 last week there is one know up for auction currently on Ebay. Not sure of the out come. I was going to bid on it and may there is also an mc8 balanced on Ebay for auction which I may also consider I would consisder purchasing yours but would prefer if you give me a starting point as far as where you are on price If you would like to communicate by email my email is mancuso54@msn.com Just a question are you interested in any trades
I also have a Lexicon MC-12 with v2 software, unbalanced (more fits my personality to have my equipment unbalanced :) Oh, and no, I'm not looking to sell.

Because I use Citation 7.1 and 5.1 amps I have no use for balanced outs, so I can't speak to that part. However, I love this unit and lexicons in general. The software is very good, the unit has tremendous flexibility, and it sounds wonderful! Now let me let you in on a wee little secret.... Okay, it isn't a secret. Dont bother upgrading to get the newer surround formats. Just get a really nice BluRay player with a good decoder and plug that sucker into the Lexicon's 5.1 inputs. Yes, you lose two channels.... Yes, that sucks. Otoh, you get to use a decade old platform for years longer without sacrificing very much. As for HDMI switching, why run HDMI thru another device when you can send it straight to your TV. If you do need switching tho, there are devices that can handle it, so again, not a big deal. And then, when the newer Lexicons come down to the $1000 range, pick up one of those, get HDMI switching and the newer DD/DTS processing, and move the old Lex to the bedroom where you'll have the baddest bedroom processor on the block. That's my plan. :)

Bt seriously, there is very little that the MC-12 cannot do and all of that can be worked around in a reasonable manner. What it does it does well and those things it still does just as well as the newest PrePros for the most part.

Of course, that's just my $.02
I second Aewhistory's suggestion. I take 7.1 and XLR stereo analog from an Oppo BDP-95 to a Cary Cinema 11a in bypass mode, so the BDP-95 processes speaker and bass management, lossless codecs, and so forth. Output from the 11a to Proceed amps is balanced. I usually leave the 2 channel amp that handels the rear surround channels in standby, because there is so little rear surround material. The sound is superb.