Lexicon MC-12

I picked this up at a bargain price- I realize it is long in the tooth but appears very well made. It powers up and runs diagnostics just fine. The issue is I cannot figure out how to use it :-( Possibly a remote is required- which I do not have. Must it be connected to a monitor for OSD  or can it be run from the front panel? I hooked it to an amp and a cd player, but I may not have it hooked up corectly. Any help appreciated. Thanks. 
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You may have stuck yourself into a corner with this one.  Not even remotes.com appears to have a pre-programmed remote (though you could call and ask them).  Best I can see is that there is a Lexicon MC-12b on ebay *for parts or repair* that is listed for $350 or best offer plus $158 shipping.  This has the remote and manual.  Obviously, it is another several hundred dollars, but it may be your best bet unless some other Lexicon expert responds here.
Thank you. I also saw that on Ebay. Logitech Harmony is listed as working with the mc-12, but if I dont need the remote, I actually dont mind getting up off my rear and accessing the panel. Just cannot figure out how this thing works. I downloaded the manual but everything is written as if you are using the remote.
It looks like remote central has codes for it. You should be able to get a Harmony remote or something similar and program it. Try searching the harmony forums and see if there are already codes for it.
Just very recently sold my very very nice MC12B with all the accessories. I can tell you that a remote is highly desirable in setting up the unit. It can be done on front 
Panel (as far as I know) but it's nearly impossible and cumbersome in the extreme. I tried once and failed miserably. Just wanted to change a speaker distance. And i was very familiar with the menu and manual. In its day it was highly sophisticated and has many menu and setting levels. I do NOT recommend attempting to set up this unit from front panel you can really screw the pooch so to speak in a heartbeat. My suggestion to you is to find yourself a remote and read the entire manual at least 3X. Its a very thick manual. Use the OSD which will simplify you setup immensely. Once you accomplish that you'll be surprised by what this processor can do.
Hope this helps!
Also to reset the unit to factory settings is a 2 man operation unless you have very long fingers. If you need to reset I can give you the instructions on how to. It's not in the manual.
I'm not surprised that you are having connection issues as every input must be specifically set up individually and has 3 options, coax, opt and analog. If the input configuration is not how your source is connected you will not hear a thing. Same for video. As you can tell it has a lot of inputs so to happen on one that matches your connection is a crap shoot.  I cannot remember if the manual specifies the default setting for the inputs. If it does you may want to reset to factory settings and use the default connection.
Hope you get it working and happy listening.
Thank you gillatgh. Truth is, I was a little embarrassed to post that I cannot figure it out so your response is making me feel a little less like an idiot. This is a really complicated piece. It was thrown in on an amp so I have nothing invested but looks like it could reasonably capable- albeit if I can reprogram. 
If I can be of help feel free to pm. I'll do my best. I truly was impressed with the MC12B and only removed it from my system after a modernization. As soon as one friend heard he snatched it up. Never got a chance to list it for sale. I still have access to it when I visit him. He is planning to compare it to his Classe SP600.
It's more than reasonably capable, more like extremely capable. Very nice machine, of course you need to assure all is well. A good indicator is that it runs the diagnostics and I assume it goes into standby mode. If it does not go into standby mode after diagnostics it may require a factory reset.
Thank you. It goes through the warm up and I believe it goes into standby. I will take you up on the offer when I have some time to tackle it.
I am curious, how this thing sounded on music in 2 channel mode?
I used it for both HT and 2 Ch listening. It has many features to enhance 2 Ch which I enjoyed on occasion. Most 2 Ch was plain stereo and it sounded very good, not quite as articulate as the classe but very close. Settings and adjustments are important