Lexicon MC-1 vs. Classe SSP 30

I am currently using an Acurus ACT 1 processor and want to upgrade. I have narrowed my choices to the Lexicon MC-1 and the Classe SSP 30. I listen to a lot of DVD music and it is important that whatever one I choose will have a high end audio section. I intend to buy used on Audiogon. Does anyone have experience with these units?
My associated equipment is:
Classe CAV 180 amp
Pioneer 4700 DVD
Silverline Sonata ll speakers
Cardas Golen Cross interconnects
Kimber Illuminator Digital cable
I have had the DC1 and currently have the SSP25 and between the two the Classe sounded much better and was a whole lot easier to use. I wouldn't assume that either of their updated versions (MC1 vs SSP30) could make the sound difference any closer. The Classe also has an analog bypass whereas the Lexicons always process in the digital domain.

However if you like to play with the different sound effects the Lexicon clearly has the advantage of options.
The Classe has the reputation of being the better performer for 2-channel music. The MC-1 has the reputation of being the best for HT audio. I have owned the MC-1 and the DC-1, but never have heard the Classe, so I can't offer a comparison. I will say that the MC-1 was much nicer on 2-channel audio than the DC-1 - much lower noise floor, much cleaner sound. Hockey is correct that the MC-1 digitizes everything, which is a limitation, but not a unique one.

I'm not sure about the comment that the Classe is a whole lot easier to use. Again, I've never used the Classe but the MC-1 is about as intuitive as I could imagine a unit being, but also has some very powerful configuration capabilities if you want to tinker.

Finally, if you want surround music derived from 2-channel sources, the MC-1 is very good in this mode as well. -Kirk

Having heard neither I would definitely have to recommend the Classe SSP 30 if you are interested in sqeezing the most out of your music collection.

Some mags say that the MC-1 is so-so B rated when compared to the superior sonics of today's equipment. Not to mention it's inferior chassis and styling.