Lexicon DC-2 power supply

I am requesting help with my Lexicon DC-2. The unit does not power on at all. This happened after a power outage in our neighborhood. I believe it is the power supply. I am requesting help from anyone that has experienced this on their Lexicon DC-1 or DC-2. Thanks. 
Search search the archives and you'll find a discussion on the topic. You can buy a new psu from lexicon. (was ~$120) but they are also available from Mouser for less $. (The part number is in the thread).

Installation isn't hard if you're handy.

Ok great info. How do I get in contact with Lexicon? And do you have a Lexicon DC-2 that had a power supply failure? And if so, how has your Lexicon been performing after the fix? 
I have a MC-1. It's been fine since. The original psu's in these (DC-1, 2, and MC-1) failed often as you can see in the thread I referenced. The replacement psu is an upgrade.

 I don't have contact info, I would just google them.

The replacement psu upgrade was from Lexicon? Did you have to do any adjustments when you replaced your power supply or was it just plug and play? 
It's several screws and a couple of electrical connectors. No adjustments.

you really should search for that old thread . . . There's a lot of info in it. 

Great information bdgregory. Thankyou very much for your reply. I got a quote from Lexicon parts dept for $268.84 for their psu Part: N750-11396.  I am going to buy the psu from Mouser for $47.50 instead from the previous thread at https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/826-NFS40-7610J?R=NFS40-7610Jvirtualkey54020000virtualkey826-NF...
Hey there all you Lexicon enthusiasts, This is a simple update on my PSU replacement. I replaced the bad PSU with the the one from Mouser Electronics. IT WORKS JUST FINE! As stated on a previous thread the display is brighter and sounds outstanding!  As soon as I installed the new psu it went into a diagnostic test then was ready to Rock-n-Roll. All my presets still saved. If I'd be any better I would be twins! Thankyou again bdgregory for your kind advice. Cheers to another success!