Lexicon DC-1 or Theta Casa Nova

I am currently using a Lexicon DC-1 with 24 BIT DACs in my system and for HT this is excellent, my problem is in the 2 channel audio mode. I do not feel like the Lexicon does a very good job in this area. I am considering the Theta Casa Nova to replace the Lexicon, possibly the Casablanca if I can find used/reasonable$. Has anyone A/B'd these 2, Lexicon/Theta, I am trying to figure out if going to Theta will improve my 2 channel listening. Thanks in advance.
Goose, DACs Shmacks. The Lexicon units will never put out high end stereo. The Casanova will get you closer. But the Casablanca will give you the music. The CasaB is due to go to version II real soon. You can pick up a used CasaB here with most options in the 3500-5000 range. Search Theta. Your other option is to get a high end preamp with a unity gain or HT passthrough. My opinion is that it's a pain in the ass to go that way. Want the best in audio? Go for a Krell HTS. The real problem answering questions like you posed is that you don't say anything about your current equipment. Say you get a Krell HTS and have lousy amps and speakers, then you'd be screwed. Plus you'd have to get better cables. If you have a lousy DVD player then you have a problem too. Consider a Theta David transport in the Theta system. The Dreadnaught amp which I'm listening to right now is awesome. Though its going for Krell amps. Big difference. You have to audition at dealers or friends. It takes a lot of time, IMHO, like everything I've said. Good luck.
SFBAYDUDE! How would you compare the Lexicon DC-1 in HT mode versus the CasaB? Suppose we use McIntosh amplification and the Pioneer DV-09 DVD. Thanks for the input.... Dan
I recently auditioned the Lexicon MC-1 and the Casa Nova. Even though the MC-1 is far better than the DC-1 the Casa Nova was significantly superior for two channel. That said, I then tried out an EAD Ovation, of which I am now a proud owner. Nuf said.
What I find totally amazing is the Lexicon loyalty. Go to the SMR message board for some awesome battles. I jist speak from experience, as it all depends on one's own listening. I think there's some good suggestions here. I think Dan just overwhelms with facetiousness, but I would never do that ;) The Classe suggestion is interesting. I've only auditioned the ssp50; it's replaced by the 75, which I've not heard. McIntosh amplification... hehehehehehehe.