Lexicon 3.1 vs 4.0

Anyone know what the functional difference is between V 3.1 & V 4.0 for the Lexicon DC-1? How much would it cost to upgrade to the latest version firmware from V 3.1?

There are 2 DC-1's listed for sale on Agon. The one with 3.1 firmware is asking $1,200 vs $1,600 for the unit with V 4.0. How much would it cost to upgrade from 3.1 to the most current firmware?

And, how does a DC-1 with the latest firmware compare to a DC-2?

Ken, there are significant functional differences between the two software versions. DD-EX and DTS-ES were added as well as a much better remote. I don't think the upgrade will cost $400, though. It was $100 initially, and approx $250(?)later. The later/ current price I am unsure of.

The best source of Lexicon info is on the SMR-Lexicon forum. Link Below. Best Regards, Aaron

The only difference is that the 4.0 incorporates the EX surround processing, which is adding a rear center channel. IMHO, not worth a dollar more as the Lexicon has Logic7 FAR better than any EX processing.

The cost is somewhere in the $200 range, give or take $100.