Leviton 5262 Hospital grade outlets

anyone have any experience with using Leviton's hospital grade outlets? I was looking at Virtual Dynamic's cryo'd Hubble 5262 reference grade outlets, but saw Leviton's green dot hospital grade units at Home Depot. They have the same model number of 5262 as VD's. Granted, they are not cryo'd, but are also available at 15.95 each. They are orange with hospital grade marking and the green dot.

I am about to have the electrician install two dedicated lines from the service panel into my main equipment closet.
Going to use 10 gauge ROMEX.

Anyone use these Leviton 5262's care to offer comments?
I tried one of these (think I paid close to $20) and it was a waste of time/money. The sound became worse and worse over a period of three months (I had forgotten about the new outlet and ended up checking everything else before figuring out what was going on).

Hubbel seems to be the preferred low cost stock outlet.

Some high end manufacturer either rebuilds Levitons or has them built to spec, but this is another matter.

The #5262 is used by various manufacturers.

Make sure to have the electrician leave some slack (extra Romex) @ the wall so that you can prepare clean ends, in the future, if you decide to play around with outlets again.
Thanks for the response. Those Levitons are outta here...

Can give specifics about the sound getting worse?

I have an Eagle 20 amp Hospital grade outlet, orange with green dot, non-cryoed, and it seems to work just fine for me. I only use one outlet, since everything but my preamp is battery powered.
Hi Marty:

I was running an Audion Silver Night 300B stereo amp @ the time and started to loose midrange forwardness and clarity. HF's also became harsher during this period and I was using a Bel Canto DAC 1.0 DAC (one of the smoothest around 1.5 years ago).

The Leviton was the first replacement outlet that I had tried (the old one was water damaged) and it ended up being the last thing that I checked in regard to the change in sound. I replaced it with an inexpensive P&S 5252 which brought the familar sound of the setp back. Replacing the other outlet with a 5252 (in the same line from the breaker box before the audio outlet) improved the sound even more. I suppose that if the line runs through a light switch (prior to the audio outlet) that this should be checked and/or upgraded as well. I do not have dedicated lines.

Oddly enough the Leviton sounded better when first installed and then gradually went down hill. I had first thought it to be defective in some way when I finally replaced it, but found a few comments from people over @ AA who had the same experience.

The outlet is now installed in our neighbor's garage @ his work bench. It still has a very tight grip and I don't have a clue as to why the sound changed so much.

I have a Hart and Hubbel outlets, but have not gotten around to trying them out yet. I may retro fit them into one of my power conditioners when I muster up the nerve.
I would purchase PS AUDIO Power Ports available on this site for a very reasonable cost. As I understand it they are basically a modified Hubble 8300. Puruse this topic in forum search here on audiogon for more information.