Levinson upsampled?

I've got a 360S, and am considering feeding it an upsampled signal from my transport. This would be primarily for RB listening. I've considered using the Purcell for the task, and am wondering if anyone has thoughts about this idea.


Back when I had a Proceed PMDT transport/DVD player and a ML 360S and ML32 pre-amp I actually did try a Purcell upsampler. My experience, but again this has been a couple of years ago now, was while it did make an improvement the difference was not as great as I would have expected and therefore I opted not to buy it. If I were you I would try to find a dealer that will let you borrow one and try it yourself in your own system/room. You will very quickly hear whether it is improving things or not.
Ecamel, I used to have as my digital front end a ML-31.5 transport and ML-360S dac. It was quite good, but was vastly improved sonicly in all areas by adding the DCS Purcell, without the firewire, to up sample to 24/96. I kept this digital front end for over six years, until I finally found other digital gear, I only care about redbook, that out performed this setup in my system.

I highly recommend you try to audition the Purcell in your system, it will give a much higher level of performance then you have now. Their are four different filters that you can choose from with the Purcell, I found on all music that filter #4 was the best sounding/performing in my system.
Thanks folks for the feedback!

I should give more detail about my setup, just FYI:

ML 326S preamp
Aerial 20T speakers (latest vintage, in fact, they'll arrive by 4/29)
ML 334 (one amp per speaker, in bi-amp mode)
Sony Xa7es as a transport

I sincerely appreciate the feedback. I'll look for a dealer nearby (mountian view, CA)to borrow the purcell.

thanks again!
Thankfully you have a pair of 334's. You'll need 'em. The 20t's love power and need it to open up. At one time I passively biamped mine with a 336 on the woofers and a pair of 33H's on the high side. I have since paired them up with Levinson 33's.

I've had my 20t's almost 2 years. Still happy.


Paul :-)
You may want to investigate the Apogee Big Ben.

I read through the BB manual, and found information that vaguely describes how to upsample. In your experience, is the BB capable of upsampling? Does it have various (selectable) filters?

I'm considered the Purcell as it seems to offer both upsampling and filter options.

I've never had the BB but I assume that's it's main function ia as a Word Clock.
Allow me to demonstrate my ignorance: the 360s already upsamples to 24/352, as I've read on their website

Curiously, this information cannot be found anywhere for on the 360s pages, but can be found indirectly on the 390s detail page!!

I'm going to try the purcell and see (hear) for myself.

Would like to seek your opinion. I also have the Sony XA7ES. Does adding a DAC improve the sound significantly?