Levinson repair costs?

Someone stated here awhile ago that the ML folks charge a minimum repair fee of $1000 once out of warranty. I'm auditioning a 320s now and my dealer says he "thinks" they changed that policy. Considering their recently lousy repair record, thats outragueous IMO. Anybody know for sure? Thanks!
I haven't had the occasion to send anything in for repair for years (a "good" thing!) but have been reading all the reports too. What I get is that ML wants you to "pre-authorize" up to $1200 of repair work before they'll issue a Repair Authorization number so you can send the component to them.

This doesn't mean they'll necessarily spend your whole $1200, but you're OKing it if they have to. If it's going to be more, they will let you know and get your authorization first.

That is my understanding.
Depending on where you live there are others as good if not better than the techs at Harmon. The people at Harmon are constrained by their enviorment.Others are more liable to use better parts and are more open to viable modifications.
Besides they might not leave extra parts in your amp that were not there in the 1st. place. Although the guys at Harmon are helpful on the phone
They have you authorize to their max repair cost, which it seems it what it will usually cost. That said, they do fantastic work! A friend just sent in his PAV/PDSD (OK, Proceed but) they rebuilt the power supplies entirely, new RCA connectors, replaced and upgraded circuit boards.... I personaly think n this case the $1300 was high for an outdated pre/pro, but it essentially new. I wouldn't hesitate with an amp or pre.
I have not had any problems with them. They did quote me $900 max to fix my No.29 amp. I ended up buying the caps from them and they were very helpful over the phone. I had a tech in St. Louis do the job because of a recomendation from a friend. I would not hesitate for a second to buy a ML product. I love my No 29 amp.
My 380S can sometimes be afflicted by scaling glitches with the photo-read rotary volume control beyond the unity-gain point. Anybody have that problem and pay ML to get it fixed?
Same problem with my unit (380s) Do you have repair this problem with your 380S ?
Giltone: I imagine this must have been a not-uncommon problem with 38-series preamps. I haven't done anything about it in mine yet, mostly because I'm wary of the cost, and the fault is only intermitent and usually user-correctable when it happens. I once emailed ML with a few questions about the subject though, but got no reply. I was kind of hopeful that ML would someday offer an upgrade revision to these preamps based on the volume control developed for the 32 and 320/326 models, but I guess that's not going to be in the cards.
Why don't you call Jamie Cohen in Tech Support. Good place to start. Look the number up on the web.

Jamie Cohen
Senior Technical Services Representative
Harman Specialty Group Customer Service