Levinson, Pass labs or Parasound?

Driving a pair of Soundlab A-1's which would be a better bet. All three amps below are approximately the same cost on the used market. The parasound mono's have had exceptional reviews when specifically mated with the A-1's but have no real way of demoing them. Anyone have experience with any of the following amps?

Parasound JC-1's

Pass Labs X-350

Mark Levinson NO:335

Thanks for your input
I had a X250 and now the JC1's. I think the parasounds are an all-around better amp. I don't have stats but understand that the JC1's drive them very well...
Pass Labs are way more cool, figuratively at least.
We just started carrying the Nuforce line in Canada so you may want to take the following with a grain of salt.
I'm also driving Soundlab A1's; until recently with the JC 1. It's a great combination that's worked well for the last few years and recommend it strongly. I had an ML 334 prior to the JC 1 and they just didn't have the power to drive the speakers at the sound level I most often listen.
About a week ago i hooked up some Nuforce 9SE V2 amps; it surprised me that they could drive the A1. Plugged straight into the wall, it was about even, although the bass on the 9se v2 was clearly in a different league, but once i plugged the 9SE V2 in into a PS Audio Powerplant 300 it was clear these amps worked very well in my system. Give the NUforce a listen; the US dealers have a trial program, assuming you're in the States.
There is an auction for a Symphonic line RG-1 at $800 with no reserve. I have owned 2 of these. They are OUTSTANDING amplifiers. Period. Smooth, quick, and exceptional control over drivers. IMHO leaps and bounds over the 3 you mention. 100W class A is not as "tiny" as it sounds. These amps will put out at least 65 amps of current. Mine produced almost 70 amps. i actually heard two of these with A-1's and it was a knockout! I did not like the Halo with them although a Simaudio W5 stereo sounded very good.

Thanks for all the responses. I have heard good things about the nuforce line. I am in the states and might have to set aside some time with them. I was afraid the Levinsons @ 250/channel might not be up to the task but they are a quality piece so I thought i would ask. Any other amp suggestions would be appreciated used in the 3 to 4K ball park.