Levinson or Krell

I am currently putting a seperate listening room in my home and have listen to a wide variety of equipment. I have a pair of Wilson Watt Puppy 6's and I am currently shopping for amplification. I also own a Mark Levinson 38s pre and a Wadia 270 transport\Wadia 27ix dac. I have heard the Krell 350mcx's on the Wilsons and like the sound very much however I have heard lots of good things about Levinson 33H's paired with these speakers. I have yet to hear the Wilson/Levinson combo and I am open for suggestion.
I have'nt heard the Krell 350's but as a general rule Krell's don't seem to be as musical and can be fatiguing over time. However these differences are small and may not bother your ears.
Also try out the Proceed which is a cheaper version of Levinson and is also very good.
The 33H would probably be more on the "musical" side while a bigger Krell more on the analytical. I state this with reservations as I have heard your speakers with Krell 600 & A-R, side by side. The ML I heard with other speakers, so I'm extrapolating. Also pls note, I judge by classical music. Your gear is in the big league though! Cheers.
I'm happy driving my W/P 6's with Pass X600 monoblocks. The Pass's have pure, smooth, liquid midrange and treble ranges and are OK if not great in the bass. This is a good fit with the W/P 6 which tends to be a little hot and very revealing in the midrange and treble. I don't think they need a lot of help in the bass, so the Pass's are fine. The X600s put out more power than I need for the relatively efficient W/P 6's, so maybe a smaller Pass would be more appropriate. I listened to the Levinsons and thought they were a little veiled or laid back. The Krells sounded a little colored, especially in the bass regions, amazingly for a product at this price level.
I have heard both extensively. The Wilsons are very revealing speakers but a little on the dry side by themselves, in combination with the Krell they get pretty analytical and fatiguing after a while. However being this a matter of preferences, I acknowledge that many people like this combination. I have a good friend that has it with also a Krell cdp/pre unit, extremely revealing but a little bright arid and fatiging. You have a much better front end (one of the best) so should'nt be as much.

Levinson gear on the other hand, would give you a more musical and less analytical/fatiguing presentation. However if you want to really get your system to play music, do your self a favor and try the Lamm M1.1 hybrid monoblocks. They are mainly solid state amps. with superb punch and a single tube in the gain stage that will give you an superbly musical presentation with all the virtues that any Krell or Levinson gear may offer and much more,check it out.

If for any unthinkable reason you are not convinced with Lamm, other worthy alternatives and better matches with your speakers would be Jeff Rowland (specially the old gear, 8Ti and 9Ti) or Ayre. But please, whatever you do, stay away from Transparent cables which tend often to be combined with the Wilson/Krell combos, (more brightness into your system) unless of course, that is your prefered sound, in that case just go ahed and remember is the music that matters, enjoy it.
I have heard your speakers with a Krell FPB 200, ARC VT 200s and Reference 300 Mk IIs, VTL 150s and Lamm ML1s. Quite frankly, any of these will give you a lot of musical enjoyment; I thought the Krell to be too analytical for my tastes, but I'm a tube lover so you should recognize my bias (I thought the Lamms and ARC 300s were the best with them, FWIW). Given your preamp, the Levinsons might be a better choice than the Krells, simply for the synergy of the same manufacturer's sound. However, if you liked the way the Krells reproduced the bass with the Watt/Puppies and that was what you liked best about them, I'd say go with the Krells, because none of the amps I've heard seem to be able to control bass as well as the big Krells do (others may reproduce a fuller bass, but not have that absolute control over the speaker in the deep bass).
IMHO the Wilsons sound more like live music with Krell. The Levinson doesn't seem to have the speed and dynamics that the Krell provides. Just my opinion. You should be able to audition both with out to much effort. At these prices, I'd listen to a lot of alternatives as well. I haven't heard the Wilsons with as many other electronics as the previous posts. Though I haven't heard the Wilsons with them, I have always liked the Pass gear!
People who say that the new Krell amps are not musical and are fatiguing haven't listened to them. They are some of the best sounding amps I have ever heard and I have heard and owned almost everything from OTL tube amps, Audio Research tube and solid state, Conrad Johnson, VTL, BAT, Levinson, McIntosh and many more I can't begin to list. And in addition they will drive any speaker out there to it's fullest potential.
I went down the same route I think levinson is warmer and smoother than krell but krell is straight forward, super fast and very revealing and very much so with watt puppys. I ended up with linn klimax solos they split the difference so well speed of krell and detail and warmth of levinson. You cant go wrong with either of your choices it depends on your stlye of music, your associated equipment and what (sound) you are looking for. good luck
Seems like the consepts of amplifier design is into a phase
where it is developing rapidly.Perhapes both the current
models from Krell and Levinson will be overtrawn by some
cleverly designed digital amps. An exampel: the German
magazin Stereoplay reviewed( in their current issue)a pair of monoblocks called Audio Physic Strada, and they ranked
it above their former reference, which was Krell FPB 650 M.
I´m sceptical to ranking systems, but the Krell amp got
59 points and the Stradas 60 points.
The Strada monoblocks seems to use some innovative curcuits,
and are not based on the "usual" Tripath moduls.
They deliver 270 W into 8 ohms and will cost about 15000 Euro/pair.
Krell or Levinson? Well, I will take my time and explore
the alternatives.
Seems to me, that we are a long way still from the perfect
amp.Heard the Wilson Watt Puppy 6´s driven by Pass X 350´s
in someone´s home, and then shortly afterwards some live music,of different sorts. There is a difference, you know.
I have the Krell 650M's matched with my Wilson Audio X-1's and I love it. I've audition the ML 33 vs the Krell 650M. The krell is very revealing and detail, excellent Mid and Thunderous Low something (in my opinion) the ML33's don't do as well as krell. You should audition both with your favorite recording. The opinion vary's depending on what Audio shop you audition at. It's very rare that you would be able to audition them both in the same shop. My suggestion is if possible get an in-home audition.