Levinson No 39 fussy about cds

I have had a Levinson No 39 cd player for more than a decade.  It won't play many new CDs...a longstanding problem with some hybrid SACDs, but more recently with standard red book cds.  Never  had a problem with older cds.  Have reset drawer without success.  Any suggestions?  Harman is no help.  

Sound very much like the laser has almost seen it’s day.

They are hard to get also and won’t be cheap.

CDM12 Ind / VAU1252

You could try to clean it, if it was in a smokey environment, with a cotton bud moistened in
methylated spirit or alcohol and very gently wipe the laser lens.


Cheers George

Very old CD player- it's telling you it's had its day. The drive mechanism does wear out

great machine way back when 
BTW- few companies support products more than 5 year after its discontinued
starting back in 2005, the record labels began watermarking CDs to prevent so-called piracy? This plays (no pun) a big part on the newer CD vs. older cd player front.

As jafant suggests, it may be due to copyright protection encoding. I have that problem with my Rega Apollo. Try ripping an unplayable CD to your PC and then burning it to a CDr and see if the CDr will play on the No 39. That's what I have to do with certain copyright protected CDs.



Thanks for the leads...I think I'll start with the cleaning...dusty and salty here on the coast.  However, I suspect it's the encoding given how selective the problem is...still plays 99.99% of my catalog without fail.

Harman is never any help :(
what are the (2) authorized ML repair centers?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks for checking in.  Have not yet cleaned the lens...will post when I have a result