Levinson no. 383 compared to others?

So, what is the consensus on the Levinson 383? I see a couple of good reviews online, yet many on this board don't seem to like it. No dealers around here, so I don't know what the house sound of Levinson is. The stuff I heard on the board was "grainy" but it was from only a few posters, and there didn't seem to be a whole lot of other hits on the 383 search. I have pretty much given up the pursuit of separates and want to get a good quality integrated. At this point, tubes or SS doesn't matter that much: I just want something musical and natural. I only need about 50-75wpc.

The 383 falls into my budget of $2500, at least the last one that just sold did.

Here are some others I was considering:
Simaudio I-5.3, McIntosh MA6900, Rowland Concentra or Concerto, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista/Nu-Vista, Rogue Cronos or Tempest II, Cary SLI-80 F1, Primare I30, any others?
If you saw a 383 for $2500, it was a steal. I've never seen them for anywhere near that.

I think that there are other integrateds that sound better, but the leveinson is incredible from a design stand point. It is a real joy to use. The remote is great, and the features are quite impressive. I know it mostly comes down to how it sounds, but why not love using it at the same time?
Yes that is a steal at $2500. Personally I like the Levinson sound. Alot of people do NOT like ML and love Krell and vice versa. Take some views here with a grain of salt trust me. I have heard Krell amps that I really like especially the FPB series. IMO it depends on your speakers mainly. ML to my ears is neutral so if you like coloration then you will not like ML products. I have heard or owned several ML amps so I do have some experience. One of my favorites is the older No.29 at 50wpc. The 300 series is more refined but bang for buck this baby Levinson plays some serious tunes. I have not heard the 383. From my understanding it is a 331 amp and a 38 preamp. Not sure if the newer ones are that much different?
Heard the Mac6500 on some Fabers at a dealer and it was outstanding compared to a NAD M3 (or whatever their comparable int amp is). Alive, vibrant, musical. Natural...well...not sure what natural really is, so can't comment. NAD sounded much darker, reserved. I like alive, but not bright. However, if you can get a 383 for 2500, BUY IT!!! You won't lose a cent if you try and don't like.
It sold quickly...lol.
Anyone compared the No. 383 to the newest No. 585?
Larry Greenfield of Stereophile did in his review of the 585.
Much Thanks! lucidear.