Levinson no 28 sound?

What do you think about the sound of Levinson no 28? How would you you describe the sound?
I've had a No. 28 and a pair of 20.5s since 1990. I had fallen in love with the 20.5s, which seemed to have all of the slam, detail and base of great SS amps plus much of the warmth and liquidity of the best tube amps.

I thought the best combination was the CAT tube preamp with the 20.5s, but I did not want the hassle of tubes. The No 28 came reasonably close to the CAT but was solid state and had the Levinson reliability. I still have the No. 28 and the 20.5s and still love it. Now running an Ayre C-5xe source with them and Wilson Sophias. Superb!

Hope this helps.