Levinson in Lexus

Just wondering if anyone has heard the Levinson system in the new Lexus (see www.lexus.com/models/ls/preview/). Any thoughts or comments on his entering "car audio"????
It is not 'his' sound system. It is by Mark Levinson the company. Mark Levinson no longer works there, he works at Red Rose Music. Lexus used to use Nakamichi, they were good, but this is quite the step up. I guess I need to bitch to BMW to start using Krell or Classe :)
'ML works at Red Rose'....?? He IS Red Rose! Anyway how do they fit a pair of those huge MADRIGAL ML monoblocks into the Lexus..?? Let alone the preamp, on top of the dash? Periscope optional to see over the pre so you can drive safely.
Nhorton: You are correct in stating that ML is no longer with the company. That part of the statement was just a poor choice of words on my part. I agree with your BMW comment. My Z3 Coupe's system always leaves me with a headache.