Levinson DAC needs kidney

I have TWO customers, one with a No35 the other a No30.6.
both have ONE distorted channel, the offending part is an Ultra Analog DAC009 which is NLA.

Does anyone have a half dead Levinson 35 or 30.6 or 30.5 in a closet that can donate parts so others can live?
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OK, no one is responding, so here's some really silly stuff.

At the end of the story (link below) there's reference to a kidney, even though it does not help your Levinson it may be the true path to candy mountain.

may i ask a dumb question, like what's wrong with substituting the dacs from a 390S, 36, 36S, 360, or a 360S? aren't they as good or better? plus there's alot of them for sale on audiogon all of the time. plus i will trade you for a complete check-up on my "other 33H amplifier"... best regards-dr.
the 35 and early 30.5 used a different DAC, the ones you mention are much newer and not interchangable. :-(
If parts are donated as a dealer are you going to donate your end also? Seems odd to ask for a free item when its likely your going to charge another.
once I connect them, I expect the two half dead owners to strike a deal. Or you can name a price outright.

if the part is donated free, then I wont charge for it.
It seems to me that the solution is right in front of you, no? Just figure out which of your two customers is less attached to their unit.

Or you could tell them they're both SOL, and if they abandon them, you could make one working unit to sell on Audiogon . . . nah, don't do that.
both of my customers want their DAC repaired. I was hoping to find a DAC that had been given up on and set aside.
OK, I as able to buy a retired No35 with lousy power supply but 2 GOOD DACS.

So, one for the present and one for the future. If you need your 30.5 or 35 repaired........ www.pyramid-audio.com
hi, I have the same problem. My DAC Levinson no.35 has 1 week channel. So who has one DAC that also has 1 week channel like mine or has the IC lets me know if you're interested in selling.
the IC has this DRDAC.1 on it.

pls contact via my email hongduongliem@yahoo.com
Hi. I have a No 35 with one dead channel. I've taken it apart, and some of the resistors are burning up - the DAC on that channel is probably putting out too much current or something. Can I replace it with any donor UA D20400 DAC, or is the Levinson DRDAC something different internally. ie, is Levinson using a standard 40200 with 2 channels, and inverting one of the channels outside of the DAC?