Levinson amp accept "Bananas" ??

I think I already know the answer, but I will ask anyway.
In all the Mark Levinson amps I have looked at am I right that they will only accept Spades? I have a double run of Harmonix speaker cables and the one pair I had made up with WBT locking Bananas only because I did not want to put 2 pairs of spades on my Gryphon 2200 Integrated as I felt to really make contact I would be putting more stress on the post then I would want to. Do I have any option if I want to keep this pair or do I buy another pair with spades if I want to try a Levinson? My speakers are Montana EPX ( Bi-wired )
Just trying to plan ahead as I may want to try the Levinson in the near future.
The recent ML amps (of the last five years or so) seem to use some kind of binding post with a plastic twist handle nut. I don't know about those (on many levels!:~)) but everything before that used standard 5-way binding posts, which do accept bananas.
My No. 23 will accept banana plugs if they are the single variety. The dual banana plugs I've tried do not fit as the posts on the No. 23 are too far apart to accept them.
Whoaru99 is right about the non-standard center-to-center spacing of the ML binding posts. You would have to have a separate single banana plug on each speaker lead, and preferably the locking type. Bananas make great contact actually; the problem is they can slip (or be pulled) out if you use the garden variety ones.
I believe it goes back 10 years with the introduction of the first 3 series (331/332/333). These are high torque screw down posts to ensure a tight fit on the spades. No way to get a banana in there.