Levinson 5805

Well, my 4 month old Mark Levinson 5805 has pooped the bed. No lights, nada.
incoming fuse is good.
back to the shop, we will see what they say. I am hoping for a replacement if it is not something simple.
thank goodness for a good dealer. They offered a loaner, but I'll wait a few days before lugging another one of these things around LOL.
I really love the sound of it.. hoping it is something stupid.

Keep us all posted as you get info. It sucks, but things do happen like this from time to time, hopefully, ML will take good care of you, and sounds like your dealer is too, which is a huge benefit. Nice integrated for sure!
Should have chosen McIntosh instead.
Oh wait , audiosnobs say it is not real high end.

Well I guess it’s reliable.
They do carry McIntosh, so that is still an option. 

I have had a few audio snobs from here over to listen to my McIntosh system.  They changed their tune once they heard my systems.  All three of them said they had never heard McIntosh before hearing mine yet they dissed it in the forums here and on the Audio Asylum. 
You misunderstood me, I was sarcastic. I own a recent Mac preamp myself, and do not understand those who snobs the brand...
I have not auditioned them but wouldn't diss them even if I didn't prefer the sound. They have great resell and have been around for a long time. They must be doing something right, and at this price level everything really comes down to personal preference and the speakers you are driving. 

I understood you were being sarcastic.  I  was agreeing with you!

     As you're well aware, the 5805 is excellent.  After comparing some speakers through one at a local dealer, I liked it so much I bought a pre-owned Levinson 326S preamp for $5K just to try and capture some of the magic in combination with my high powered class D power amps. 
     This was a complete success and I attained the benefits of the Levinson detail, sweetness and excellent sound staging I heard from the 5805.  I think the extreme neutrality of my class D mono amps enabled this by just passing through these Levinson qualities unencumbered.
     I'd suggest you really have no choice but to get the 5805 repaired since it's a great integrated and it's basically worthless unrepaired.  Good luck on the repair estimate.

I think the OP's 5805 is under warranty!  So, no repair bill.

     Ah, I missed that being mentioned. Good, then that should be a very low repair bill, indeed.

Hi Noble, 
I had a 326s  with 332 combo prior to this. Very nice pre. 
Unfortunately a lightning strike took out the 326 as well as a 360s DAC. 

Hello no_money,

Ouch, you’ve had some bad luck recently.

Yes, I had a fairly hefty budget and, with a willingness to buy used, it effectively gave me the pick of the litter in terms of a high quality preamp, my only prerequisite being a means of HT bypass. I just happened to hear the 5805 integrated at a local shop listening in on another customer’s audition/comparison of Magico 3 and Sonus Faber Strativarius speakers. The 5805 was used to power both and the results were beautiful on both pairs of speakers.
I was really impressed that the 5805 was capable of sounding so sweet, beautiful and created such a solid, stable, wide, deep, natural and 3D soundstage on both pairs of speakers while still being neutral enough for me and the customer to clearly notice small differences between both high quality speakers.
We both agreed the speakers were very similar on everything except the bass, with the Sonus Faber having the edge on bass quantity and impact but the Magico having the edge on bass quality. The customer decided to buy the Magicos because his system already consisted of the 5805 and a pair of high quality subs.
I didn’t want or intend to horn in on the customer’s speaker demo but the exceptionally high quality of the music just drew me in. After experiencing the excellent performance level of the 5805, I was keenly interested in trying to attain those apparent Mark Levinson qualities in my system. Luckily, this dealer just happened to have a 326S preamp recently taken in as a trade-in and I bought it for my budgeted $5K.
Sorry, I seem to have turned your thread into an ad for Mark Levinson products and a description of my good luck as opposed to your recent bad luck. But you’re likely to have your 5805 integrated, or a new replacement, back in your system soon and I’m thrilled with my 326S preamp so I think that makes us both rather friggin lucky, right?

Best wishes and enjoy,
My Dealer just notified me that ML will be sending me a replacement amp. 
Noble 100, if you are anywhere near NC let me know... I still have my 326S. It powers up, and the remote works. You can have it for spare parts. It was declared dead by my dealer. 
Hello no_money,

    Very kind of you, thanks! I live in Indiana but if I'm ever going to be in your neck of the woods, I just might take you up on that offer and pm you.
    Awesome news on the replacement amp. I was wondering if it could have been a large power surge, but that would've probably blown the fuse.
Thanks again and enjoy,
My brand spanking new replacement amp arrived Friday.
It was a wonderful weekend of burning in the new amp!
Ok, so I too have issues with the 5805. Fine on delivery, but I did a FW update, and on power up the unit died. Fuse blown, replaced with a 5amp as I do get more than 240v to my home. Was ok again for a while, the one night a month later it just went dead. Fuse fine. On 2nd loner unit that another person had, he reported a buzz from one channel out of standby. I have not experienced this issue, but given issues, I am moving to a different brand. I have a very good dealer who takes service seriously thankfully.
I have heard it has happened to several units. Hopefully they have found the issue and resolved. If this one goes out I will have to consider another option from my dealer.