Levinson 431, Theta Dreadnaught, Classe CA2200?


I'm looking at all three of these to use with the Revel Studio. I have the speakers but no equipment yet. I like the looks of the Classe but not sure it's the best choice of the three. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the matter?

Richard Hardesty, who publishes the "Audiophile Perfectionist Journal", did an extensive review of amps -- both stereo and multichannel -- about a year ago, and the Theta Dreadnaught was his top choice for multichannel. Based on what I've read and heard (I have not heard the Classe), I don't see how you can go wrong with either the Dreadnaught or the Levinson.
I would agree with Sdcampbell, but would add that if you want any significant volume from your studios, I would go to the ML 432 or 436's, they are pretty power hungry. For this reason as well, I would forgo the Dreadnaught (unless you need multichannel) and consider the Theta Enterprise monoblocks, which I've listened to with both the Salons and Studios and really did a great job with them. Personally, when I get my Salons soon, they will be run by ML (either 432 or 436's) amps and I will 'keep it all in house' so to speak.
I own a pair of Salons and give you an inexpensive alternative. I use a Proceed AMP 5 and use 4 of the 5 channels to run the speakers. I just split the input at the amp end so I don't need two sets of cables. You run two speaker wires or just a set that is biwired on both ends. It has been my experience that there is much synergy when you use the same equipment.(Harmon) I had the same experience with an all CJ system using Wilson speakers. A Proceed HPA 2 could be used as well. Just my two cents.