Levinson 40 owners...have you updated to 2.0 s/w?

Have you updated your units to the new 2.0 software? what are you thoughts...it has a few new surround options as well as THX Ultra 2...


I've heard about it from my dealer but I am not sure if it is available or not. The last time I checked www. madrigal.com/latestsoftware.htm website they still had 1.21 software.
It's available but you can't get in from the website. you dealer can get it & install it for you. Madrigal is suppossed to start place software updates on the website in the very near future so we wont have to depend on dealers to alert us & come install. press your dealer its available.

Does anyone know if this means the next version is available for the Proceed AVP2 as well? Thanks.

from what I understand its not available yet for the avp2...