Levinson 390S vs. Levinson 37 + 360S

I have levinson pre/power amps and want to upgrade my CD source from Cal Audio icon II. The 37+360S allows for other digital inputs at a substatial cost difference over the 390S. But does the combination provide better sonic quality over the single unit when they include another set of interconnects? Has anyone done A/B's on these? Does anyone have other reasons to choose one side against the other?
no comparason, 360s and 37 buries the 390s

But for the price of a 390s all in one soulution, with preamp. is a bargain!
Again, no comparison. The 390s is however I feel a better value, but sonically not there.
The Accuphase 75v outdid the 390S in my audition. The former as a used instrument beats both of your ML choices by a lot. I used to have the 360S (with a different transport), but the Accuphase is still better. good luck.
I agree with Msa the Accuphase 75V is a great piece.