Levinson 39 vrs the Levinson 390s

Has anyone compared the two or have you had the upgrade done to your 39? What was the cost of the upgrade and was it worth it? Thak you
If you bought the 39 from a dealer you can get it upgraded the same day (provided they have the kit in stock) for $1500, if you bought it used you have to send it to Madrigal and the price goes up to $1800. The 390s has a much more natural sound with greater depth and more resolution. If you listened head-to-head I'm sure you would agree that the upgrade is definately worth the price.
My dealer charged me $1550 for the local upgrade of the electronics. When the dealer sent my unit in for the faceplate, it cost me another $780. I don't know what the MSRP is for these things. It's possible I was ripped off. I'm very happy with the sound. The 390s seemed much more dynamic and clearer than the 39. Any "dark Mark" veiling was certainly removed. I like it better than my SCD-1 on SACDs. The SCD-1 sounds more detailed, but the 390s is more dynamic and brighter without tipping up the treble.