Levinson 39 or Wadia 830/850/860 ?

There are quite a few of these in the used market. How do they sound compared with each other ? Any comments please. As Wadia is now back in business according to Stereophile, I feel comfortable buying it.

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Thanks you very much, Ejlif. Last time I visited my local library they didn't keep any copy of Stereophile. I think I'm going to try a larger library next time. Thanks to everyone for their opinion as well.
Searched the Stereophile website archive. There is no review of the Wadia 850 (May 98) available. Is there any chance that someone may have the review posted in his own website ? Thanks.
Thanks Ejlif. Where can I obtain a copy of the Stereophile review apart from ordering a copy from them (this could take a few weeks) ? I realize this may be a bit too much for me to ask, would you be able to post a short extraction here ? Thanks again.