Levinson 383 integrated vs Moon i-7 integrated

I'm looking at buying a good integrated.
I've heard the Moon i-7 and the BAT VK300x.
A friend of mine said to look at a used Levinson 383 integrated.
My speakers are Verity "Fidelios", Harmonic Tech's "Magic One" XLR interconnects.
Any feedback will help.
all are good, the levinson however is a classic, and highly sought after
I did not like the 383 despite the rave reviews. I think it is 2 dimensional and grainy after many times listening to it in many different configurations. Frankly (based on reviews) I would expect the Moon to be better...
Have to agree with Phijolet about the 383 sound. Did not live up-to-it's reviews in my system.
As I have a pair of VAs, so I feel I can contribute a bit. I have reviewed several "high-end" integrateds over the years at positive-feedback.com.

Knowing my speakers they way I do, I would suggest you consider the Edge G3 and, if you dare, the YBA Passion Intgre. I think the YBA is a scary good amp, but, mated with the VAs, there could be too much of a good thing....

I wish I could try them now!

I have a pair of Fidelios. I have used them with more then a few amps and two integrated amps. The first was a Cary SLI 80/F1 which was really nice. The second was a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista which was fantastic on all levels. Great detail at low level listening and seemed to put the instruments in the right place. Huge sound stage and never runs out of power. Solid state power with tubes in the pre section. Separate power supply. They made a limited number of them, but they do come up for sale here once and a while. I have found the Fidelios like some horsepower even though they are easy to drive.
I second the Moon gear and feel that you will not be disappointed with it's power and grace.I have listened to 2W-5 LE's using both stats ML's and Avalons 2ways.The soun d is awesome and I feel that the new stuff maybe even better!!Hope this helps Dennis
Can't add much but I am a lover of integrateds and owned many. I have heard one Levinson setup and I was not impressed. Additionally, I've seen little if any good write ups on the 383. It's a beauty though, but as they say, beauty's only skin deep.
Thanks for all your feedback.
Another audiophile friend said to look at the Jeff Rowland integrated "Concerto". It's rated at 250w into 8 ohms.
Has anyone ever owned this piece? It only weighs 26 lbs..while other integrateds are at 50-80 lbs.
I am with you totally on the lack of substance in the Rowland design.The Sim on the other hand is a substantial 70lbs plus and boasts one of the most refined circuits called the Lynx, as well as a plitron based chassis.The Sim does need very good power source and is best suited to upper level cables ( preferably balanced).If you want to own a really high quality piece then this maybe the one for you.Hope this helps Dennis
have heard the Concentra (not the Concerto) and while it has beautiful tone, unmatched in my experience in SS integrateds, was a little thick in the upper bass and not especially extended or open up top.
I know that Jeff Rowland integrated's are designed differently than most. Rowland is able to get more power out without the units weighing tons. I have a customer that manufactures 200w amps for announcement systems...their units weigh very little.
I do know that I've always read great reviews on the Rowland gear. I'd like to take a listen first before I make a choice. Sally
Krell 400xi is the bargain of the century plus a world class integrated. Soon to be discontinued, I would suck one up now!!