Levinson 37 vrs. Proceed CDD Which is better?

I'm thinking of upgrading. . just got the Levinson 36 DAC. Given the 36 in my system will the Levinson 37 be that much better than the Proceed CDD?
I have a 36S and test drove a Proceed CDD before trying out a 37. I have to say the 37 was better. Not a difference between night and day, but defintely noticable. The 37 was more liquid and lifelike. The CDD was a little dry for my taste. The digital interconnect cable you choose will make all the difference, so don't underestimate that component.
Be aware of buying second hand levinson cd player. They are unreliable, prone to have trouble, You dont get any meaningful support from the manufacturer, and any fix could cost as much as the secondhand price of the machine.
I'm hearing about problems with the drawer on the 37. I know it will cost over a grand in the US to fix this. Is it any cheaper in Canada or elsewhere?
And after certain hours of use, the optical unit goes bad. Levinson only offers the whole transport replacement for 1.200 USD or so instead of changing the max 200 usd OPU by the local technician.