Levinson 37 transport acting up

So I am auditioning this 37 transport with the 36S D/A converter. After listening to a few C/Ds, the following, at random, happens.

1. The volume mutes intermittently. The display on the D/A converter lights up(if I have it on dark)and shows CD 44K.
2. Occasionally, when I load a C/D, the messages read "Reading".."Bad Spin" " E lcot" "Bad Disc"
If I unplug the unit, wait, then plug it back in, then most times it will play, till the problem starts again couple of discs later.
3. If I gently open and then push the drawer sideways....very very gently...then sometimes the CD will load and play fine.

Short of taking a deep breath and sending it back to the Pyramid service center, any DIY fixes??

Thanks in advance! Great sounding unit, and it is in fact 10 + years old.

Are you just auditioning the ML 37 transport or do
you own it? If you are the owner you should consult
Levinson directly as they are generally very helpful. The transport may only need to be recalibrated. Levinson can talk you through the process. Worst case senario however is a drawer assembly replacement which it expensive. Good luck.
As for the skipping-I had a similar problem,and I picked up an inexpensive lens cleaner from Radio Shack and it fixed the problem.