Levinson 37/360s vs Levinson 39 cd player

Does anyone have experience evualuating these two cd setups against each other. I'm considering both for purchase & I wonder what I can expect for differences.

Unless you're just emotionally attached to Levinson, save yourself a lot of money and get better sound at the same time. I had the Levinson 360S/37 combo and replaced them with an Electrocompaniet EMC 1 CD player. The EMC beats the Levinson in every single category -- at less than half the price. Associated equipment included Dunlavy SCIV/A speakers, Rowland Model 10 amp, Pass X350 amp and Pass X1 and Audio Research LS25 preamps. I'll bet others have had the same experience. The EMC 1 is that good -- even the original version. IMO.
I disagree totally with 9rw. I own the 360s/37 combo and have auditioned EMC unit extensively. I can't put the ECM down. It's a very nice player. I've even heard it sound better with the outboard Chord DAC. But better than the 360s/37?, No Way, but a very different presentation. I like the pace and unforced detail much better on the Levinson set up. IMO the ECM is too relaxed. Not enough boogie bounce when you want it for me. I hate CD pucks too. But at the same time if your looking for the best value, either the ML 39 or the EMC is the way to go depending on your taste.
I've owned both a 39 and use a 360S with a Proceed PMDT and have used a 37 with it as well. I'd give the two piece combo a solid "A" overall and the 39 a "B+". The newer 390S rates a bit higher--perhaps a "A-". Haven't heard the EC but they went out of biz in this country a few years ago and left a lot of people high and dry (without service). Could happen again! Levinson won't be leaving anytime soon!