Levinson 360S and the quality of assoc'd transport

I recently aquired a 360S and was surprised when I read in the manual that the ability of the associated transport was not critical to the DAC's performance. The manual claims that the internal IFO buffer stores what it reads from the transport and reorganizes it so that no jitter will degrade the sound.
Another claim suggests that it's not necessary to spend a large chunk of change on a digital cable. I forget their exact reasoning but the view was supported by a local guy working in a high end pro music shop who works in the field. He did agree that analogue cable were another story. The tech said that since the signals were carried in the digital domain, it was immune to the signal degrading effects and losses of the analogue domain.
I'm currently using a Sony scd-777es as my transport. Does anyone have experience with these issues and want to chime in before I spend $500 on a so called "high end" cable.
Sj If I were you, I will try to audition two cables,
To see if there is any improvement.It wont hurt. Many
cable company do have 30 days money back guarantee.
Good luck.
As the owner of a 31.5 and 360s I've auditioned many digital cables. There is definitly a difference. I like the Transparent and Synergisitc Research cables. However you need to match them to your system. I have also used other transports with my 360s a Theta and a #39 used as a Transport. There are definite differnces between all three I've auditioned with the 31.5 way out in front.
Thanks for the posts so far. I'm in the middle of a speaker design project otherwise I would have tried different cables. I recently got a free cable from the cable guy when he installed a new HDTV box. I'll use that as my "control" cable for A/B testing. What a thing HDTV is BTW. One channel consists mostly of travel photography, flying around in choppers, etc. With this 52" DLP, it almosts looks like I have a my TV is a the windshield of the helicopter and I'm looking at the Hawaiian Islands from 2000 feet. Unbelievable. I'm starting to get this whole home theater hype. But that's for another forum.
If a cable makes a difference, then the transport jitter will make a difference too. A good transport is a Sony DVP-S7700 with mods. Don't spend a fortune on a new transport. This one outperforms the best on the market.