Levinson 33H buzzing on standby

Hi All,
I just noticed that my pair of Levinson 33H emits a buzzing sound from the tweeter when it is on Standby (blinking red).

When the amps are turned on, the buzzing sound goes away and is replaced with a slight hissing sound.

When I connect the speakers to my Levinson 433, there is no buzzing...so I'm guessing its not my power/equipment that is causing the problem.

I took the amps into my local service shop and they are telling me that its "normal" behaviour.

Does anyone (perhaps someone with 33Hs) confirm this is normal?

Thanks, Ray
Believe me, it is not normal for a ss amp on standby to "leak" out some current or something which causes a buzzing noise, especially on a mega buck statement amplifier. People move from tubes to SS for that dead quiet operation.

I would take it to another technician
Did this just start?Any moving or different hookups since this condition?Thanks,Bob
Probably a Leaking capacitors. I had a Levinson no.336. Had the same problem, The capasitors went bad. Replacing the caps fixed the problem.
Levinson 33 series amps have this problem, they have to be replaced every 5-8 yrs.
I owned a pair of 33H's for 9 years. There was never an issue with buzzing and hiss. Are you sure there haven't been any component or wiring changes in your system, which might be causing ground loops or picking up RF?

However, I believe Ellyjr's observation is incorrect when it comes to the 33H's. The problem to which he was referring applies to the 330 series amplifiers (331-336), where the capacitors definitely go bad after a period of time and have to be replaced.
Call Levinson and ask them to trouble shoot your system. Make sure everything is the same as with your 433 setup...same outlets, cords, IC's, preamp etc..
Thanks to all for the responses.

The tech was able to repro the buzzing sound just by hooking up a power cord and a speaker at his facility...so I don't think it has anything to do with my connection or equipment.

The tech called Levinson/Harmon and talked to one of two only remaining technicals from pre-Harmon days and was told that the sound is normal and not indicative of anything wrong or about to go wrong.

So now, they don't think there is a problem. Sigh...

Is it worth asking him to replace the capacitors?

IMO replace the caps..I had the same issue years ago with that amp,amoung a couple other problems..Be prepared if sending to factory to be out that amp for some time..

Were your 33H amps made at the old or new factory. Just curious. It's too bad that the present Levinson doesn't stand behind the equipment like the former group did.
Levinson 33H amp uses phillips capacitors. Also these inferior phillips capacitors were used in 331/332/333/334/335/336.

Levinson 33H uses four filter capacitors at 60000uf at 100V and two regulator capacitors at 1900uf/150V. When these phillips caps go bad you will get buzzing,distortion and amp shutting down etc. I recommend replacing these filter caps with cornell dubilier cap at 76000uf/100V. Three inches in diameter and 5.8 inches long. For regulator caps at 1900uf/250V. 1.39 inches in diameter and 4 inches long. You will hear a huge improvement in sound. And using a higher value filter capacitor helps the cap to run cooler.
Just for the record the original Levinson 33H Filter Capcitors were made by Philips part# 3186FH603U075DPA2. 60000uf/75V.(2.5 inches in diameter and 5.6 inches long)
Cornell dubilier makes these caps at 2.5 inches in diameter. I recommend either 62000uf/75V also 68000uf/75V both very expensive since these caps are 2.5 inches in diameter.
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