Levinson 336 or Krell 400cx

Looking for a new amp on my Jm Lab Utopias. Curious on these 2, power ratings are similar but both are known to have different sonic signatures. My room is quite large, not well dampened so a little on the bright side. Im using Straightwire Crescendo speaker cables and AU24 for digital and interconnects....assciated gear is MBL digital and an Audio Research ls25, currrent amp is the MBL8011s. Im not limited on these 2, would like to hear from anyone who has tried Gryphon encore, Plinius, basically any good amps with balls and great resolution & clarity.
I heard side by side the combo ml32/336 & krell kct/400cx. Speakers was the JM LAB Nova Utopia Be and the cables was siltech LS 288 for the speakers and mit v3.1 interconnects. The cd player was the ML390S. For that speaker the best combo was easly the ml32/336. The Levinsons perform better in every way. When i finished with ml and krell's i put Jadis 845 with a Jadis preamp, i don't remember which model. Cables cd the same. THE BEST SOUND I EVER HEARD. I will remember it for a long time...

I'm leaving in France, the country where JM Lab are produced.
One very good match for those speakers are YBA Amp Passion 600 or 1000 : very speed and soft - timbers very nice. They are usually associated with Utopia in France and it's really a very good match.

Others demo are with Lamm Mono Blocs : wonderfull too

Even if Jadis is also a french firm, I've never heard them with.

In most high end shows they are presented with Halcro.

But try YBA amp, you will probably love this association.