Levinson 336 into Transparent Power Bank

I am currently feeding my Mark Levinson 336 power amplifier from a Transparent Audio "Ultra Extended" PowerBank line conditioner. This particular power bank has two power cords of its own and dedicated sections for analog and digital components.

The other day I decided to test and see if the amplifier sounded better plugged straight into the wall. The change was dramatic and not for the better. I found the overall presentation to be much more forward and aggressive sounding. The PowerBank sounds blacker between the notes, with a more refined presentation without sounding rolled off or strangled. It was a substantial loss in quality that I did not expect.

Do any of you guys have any thoughts about power conditioning power amplifiers? I was wondering if anyone out there also prefers a power conditioner for their power amplifier?

Associated equipment:
-dCS Delius DAC
-dCS Purcell Upsampler (DSD)
-Transparent Reference Cabling
-B&W N802
I prefer my amps plugged directly into the wall. When I've tried them with a conditioner (including my ML 336) I found that it added a slight veil to the music and softened the dynamics.

I do use one on my digital equipment however.

I use three independent circuits. One for the amplifiers, one for the preamp and one for my digital equipment. I'm sure I could use the preamp and amplifier on the same circuit but why waste a good circuit? :)