Levinson 335 vs Pass X-250

Has anyone compared the Levinson to the Pass? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each amp and what were the sifferences in sound that you heard?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I had a Levinson 333 and went to the PASS X600. The levinson was much more laid back sounding. The PASS is much more dynamic. I don't regret the decision to upgrade to the X600's. Although the Pass runs hot, hot, hot.
I bought heard the ML 335 and Pass X250,with Andra.
For my taste I prefer the 335, its more
dynamic, macro and micro, extension and quiteness
is where the 335 shines,the depth is unbelievable,
bass no problem.Its more musical.The X250 is dry
sounding,I cant hear music at all, even after I change
cables from ic to sp cable.I will never say the X250
is bad amp at all, maybe its not the right amp for
the Andra.It looks good though.IMHO.