Levinson 333 opinions

The market seems to be flooded with Levinson 333 amps in the $4,000 to $4,500 range. It's unusual to see so many examples of a piece of high-priced equipment for sale. I haven't audiotioned a 333 but have enjoyed lots of other Levinson equipment. Any guesses why there are so many of these current models for sale at a relatively low price? Are these amps a dissappointment? Or is the stock market taking its toll on audio? Does this present a "buying" opportunity". Thanks.
I had a 331 before switching to tube amps. I really liked the 331, but prefer the sound of tubes. I think the reason you see so many for sale is that Levinson has been very successful with this line of amps and sold so many new. It stands to reason that if they have sold a lot, that a lot would turn up on the used market. Audiophiles are always changing gear so a lot of very good used equipment comes up for sale. I will never buy new equipment again.
The 333 is amazing. I'm actually preferring it with my speakers to the 336, which I recently purchased intending to replace the 333. There are alot of these guys out there and the winter itch is here. I think I just had one.
Look at Krell ads yesterday, there are 3 600's in one day alone. Must be the holidays and Wall Street. Having owned both the #333 and #335, I was not able to discern impressionable improvements or differences. The #333 is an excellent SS amp and hard to beat for the money...especially at +/-$4K.
How do you guys compare this monster 333 with the Rowland lates line of switch mode amplifiers....Model 10 & 12????