Levinson 333.5 vs. Emotiva XPA 1 Monoblocks

Any extensive experience with a highend 2 channel system with the Mark Levenson and the Emotiva XPA 1? What are the differences and audio performance advantages one has over the other?
The Levinsons are tru high end while the Emotiva is great mid fi.
Hi Brad;

I agree with your observations. My circumstances have caused me to consider alternatives. As unthinkable as you know, things happen which may cause us, an Audio/Video Phile married couple to reconsider our requirements.

I have a friend who tried a least 200 different amps and preamps and speakers. He is cost and appearance contious. Emo seems to fit his requirments.

Hopefully we can keep the audio as is and change the HT with EMO, or just keep it as is.