Levinson 31 transport - A good buy?

I am considering buying a Levinson 31 transport to play CDs. Leaving aside SACD and 24/96 compatibility. Does such an "oldie" present other significant drawbacks. Also what does the 31.5 offer which the 31 cannot?
... can only comment on 31.5. It is the best I've tried (vs jadis, denon, krell, marantz). As I understand, .5 upgrade is mechanical upgrade (ie the lid etc). Drawbacks (again for 31.5) - the laser mechanism is in the open. Therefore, if you have kids who play with things, or very dusty / hairy (pets) environment, this might not be a good choice. Sonicly, however, it is unbeatable (16/44.1).
Depends on your other gear. I'd ALWAYS prefer a WADIA - even the 830 beat the ML in a ML / REVEL environment.
I have a 31 transport. I compared it directly with the 37 and Theta Jade and David. I found it to be better. I hear that the 31.5 is a big step forward, but the price of the upgrade is stopping me. I disagree with the above post, I owned a Wadia 830 and used it as a transport/cd player.