Levinson 30.6 or dCS Elgar & Purcell

OK all you finatics, if you have heard these products, please let me know the differences. I figure the 30.6 is better than the Elgar alone but what about with the Purcell?
The elgar/purcell handily beat the Levinson in shear realistic sound they are unique in their ability to bring the experience closer to sounding real. Haven't heard the Accuphase 101/330 which might be competitive with the dCS gear.
I know this does not address the original ? but I thought I would add it anyway :) The Accuphase units handliy outperform the Levinson on CD and of course the SACD playback is in another league from CD. Regards, Mike Marcellas PS>It should be noted that the latest version of the Dodson DAC has been reported to have smoked the Elgar by many that have heard the two units with and without the upsampler.
I cannot offer a direct comparison, but I compared the dCS Elgar and Purcell against the M-L 30.5 and the former gave better resolution and a less mechanical sound than the M-L. I compared a Dodson 217 Mk. IID against my old M-L 36. I sold the latter and kept the former. I really like the Dodson.
90493m: why would you combine the accuphase 101 with a 330? the 330 includes a processor very similar to the 101. perhaps you've confused the 101 with the 100; the latter is a cd/sacd transport. BTW, the 100/101 or 100/330 will quite significantly outperform BOTH the elgar and madrigal gear.
dac_envy (bad fake screen name, BTW): what's a "finatic"? i'd guess it is someone really into heat sinks.
Full review of DCS Purcell/Elgar Plus in current Stereophile, price for both is $17,000. With the constant change in technology, unless you are very rich, seems wiser to get one of many excellent DACS current available for @$1,500 or less, and upgrade as new technology evolves.
Cornfedboy: It is no worse than your real screen name. :)