levinson 30.5+31.5 how good?

how good is the levinson combo? does it equal a levinson 37 +360? or can the sound be better being reference products? that is my concern as I am close to buying a 30.5 + 31.5 combo and do not know which way to go, any input will be valued.
I would not consider ML components until the new series comes out as the price for the "classics" ie. 360, 380, 37, 31`.5, 30.5, drop.
I have just bought a no 31 transport and 30.5 dac. It is being shipped to me as we speak. When I get it I can give you intial impressions. I currently have a mu-fi tri vista sacd and DCS delius/purcell as reference
I have 37 and 36s.The 31.5 and 30.5 are very serious stuff!Full circle would be the 31.5 and 30.6.Grab while you can as new machines are going to be multiformat.If it is used and at a good price-BUY!
Good Luck and enjoy the journey.